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Our Portfolio

We worked on correcting the tagging of the site to ensure that everything works properly and the fill rate increases. 

We’ve also assisted in direct campaign trafficking, connecting the site to buyers worldwide.

Lastly, we helped implement header bidding in the AMP version of the site.

In the first 4 months of working together, these changes have increased their stats:

+15% increase in monthly revenue

+30% increase in monthly ad requests

We worked on correcting the tagging on the site as well as the optimization of the monetization set-up.

We provided the site with the possibility of creating programmatic deals to better distribute their inventory.

We helped get the domain approved on various different demand platforms, making it available to a multitude of new buyers.

As a result of working together, the site has now had a CPM of +$30 dollars in almost all months of the year for US traffic.