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Excellence for Apps

The leading company in Digital Marketing Solutions, now launches Excellence for Apps, a solution for companies looking to increase app downloads. Here at Excellence Advertising we are working with experts in Growth Marketing and App Performance to produce the best results for you.

Publishers who are seeking a solution that offers support through out the whole growth process of their apps will benefit from our services. We work diligently to establish long term partnerships with apps and help them optimize their earnings by increasing their downloads. I’m sure you will agree, a win-win basis is the best way to work.

Today, apps are more important than ever, so what are you waiting for to take yours to the next level?

We have integrations with the following leading MMPs: AppsFlyer, Adjust and Singular

We adapt to your goals and make the necessary recommendations to increase your App Downloads and better your Growth Strategy.

Are you ready to Grow your App?

Growth Marketing

Excellence for Apps is focused on showing relevant ads to the users, with this we can effectively achieve the desired conversions. As part of our policy, we offer human-centric assistance through out the whole process. 

New Users Acquisition

One of our strategies, beginning in the Upper Sales Funnel, we can target the best audience for your App’s vertical, creating a great opportunity for conversions.


We know the main events of Apps vary according to the KPIs of each specific strategy, so we’re always gathering relevant audiences with the intention of impacting them with new updates and CTAs. This applies to potential users who are interested but haven’t converted yet.